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Interview with Oren Izenberg

Interview with Michael Robbins

My Empire Is in the Air, by Gianluigi Ricuperati

Twit-crit @ n+1

Exclusive: U.S. Funded 1971 Bolivian Coup

La Casa de Dostoievski,
by Jorge Edwards

“Bolaño, Inc.” by Horacio Castellanos Moya

A Commander-in-Chief Test

Three Questions for Charles Simic

Poetry Magazines and Women Poets

Interview with Wu Ming

Wu Ming, “The Emperor’s Three Hundred Woodcutters”

Wu Ming, “In Like Flynn”

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reviews + essays

On Denise Levertov

Remembering Bill Knott

On Robert Duncan


Spend It All

On Peter O’Leary’s Luminous Epinoia

Dante, Near and Far

On Stephen Chan’s Southern Africa

After the Death of David Foster Wallace

On Deb Olin Unferth’s Revolution

Egypt, Tunisia, Uganda?

On Javier Marías’s Your Face Tomorrow

On Barry Hannah’s Long, Last, Happy

What is Julian Assange Up To?

On Geoffrey O’Brien’s Early Autumn

On Keith Waldrop’s Transcendental Studies

On A Lume Spento

On Andrew Zawacki (and Stephen Rodefer)

On Elizabeth Benedict’s Mentors, Muses, and Monsters

On Walter Bagehot’s Lombard Street

On Negative Reviewing

On Juan Felipe Herrera’s Half of the World in Light

On Rae Armantrout’s Versed

On Paul Guest’s My Index of Slightly Horrifying Knowledge

On Joseph Donahue’s Terra Lucida

On Campbell McGrath’s Seven Notebooks

Why Doesn’t Anyone Read Dante’s Paradiso?

On Eliot Weinberger’s Elemental Thing

On Peter Larkin’s Leaves of Field

On Montale in English (ed. Harry Thomas)

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poetry + prose

Buddy and Jim Take Manhattan

Blackfish Creek

Uganda Walks to Work

Qaddafi’s Dream

The Hidden Torture Cells of Bolivia

American Idol

The Labyrinth

The Mines at Potosí


Still Life with New York

The Fetishist

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